INDOOR laboratories

Laboratory of geotechnical -geothermal characterization and civil engineering materials

Allows to perform services related to civil works accompaniment.
Ex: Geotechnical prospection, civil engineering worksite accompaniment

Laboratory of thermo-acoustic characterization and local materials valorization

Allows the certification of materials in close collaboration with materials companies, quarries ... as well as Energy Audit services

Laboratory of eco-energy Design and Structure Modeling

Allows to perform structural calculation, sizing and simulation...

Laboratory of Intelligent Networks , energy management and integration of ENR into the building and the city

Provides advice to players in the residential sector, as well as small local communities in terms of energy management in close collaboration with the modeling and eco-energy design laboratory.
Energy audit services are planned jointly with the Thermo-acoustic laboratory.

Fablab : 3D Printer

Allows 3D printing of small houses

Training service for building trades

Ensures training in close collaboration with institutes such as OFPPT

Acoustic laboratory: Reverberation chamber

Allows the acoustic absorption test for materials, the acoustic power (Motor ..), the directivity test of an acoustic source and the test of the sound reduction index of a building component in direct transmission.


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CPT ConePenetration Test

Geotechnical test: The test consists in hammering a peg with a conical tip in the ground. During the advancement of the tip, at a constant speed it can determine the penetration resistance as well as the lateral friction.

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PHICOMETER in situ shear test

Used to measure in situ the mechanical characteristics of a soil: φi (Friction angle) and Ci of the soil by straight shearing. Its advantages are on the one hand the possibility of carrying out non-leviable or hardly leviable tests on heterogeneous soils, and the other hand the low cost of carrying out tests because of their timeliness.

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Ménard pressuremeter

Static loading test of the ground in place, carried out through a radially expandable cylindrical probe introduced into a borehole. This test makes possible to obtain a volumetric variation curve of the soil as a function of the applied stress and to define a stress-strain relation of the soil in place.

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Benkelman Beam

Plate bearing test: ground deflection measurement. The Benkelman beam is used to measure the vertical displacement of a stressed material.

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Casagrande apparatus

Used to determine the water content of a soil at the point of transition between the plastic and the liquid states.

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Sedimentometry apparatus

Allows particle size analysis by sedimentation for elements smaller than 80μ.

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Sieving apparatus

Allows granulometric analysis. 

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CBR device

CBR test is a lift test (ability of materials to withstand the loads) of embankments and compacted layers of road structures. It is a question of experimentally determining bearing indices which make possible: to establish a classification of the grounds (GTR), to evaluate the trafficability of the earth-moving equipment and to determine the pavement  thickness.

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The oedometer

Used to measure the settlement of a soil sample (preferably intact) under a given effort, and its swelling during the unloading of efforts previously submitted. The operation of loading and unloading is carried out in stages and it is timed, in order to determine the mechanical properties during calculations of soil mechanics.

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Cone Penetrometer

Allows the determination of the water content corresponding to the liquidity limit of a soil.

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Tabletop universal testing machine 20 kN for material testing

Allows tensile test, compression test, shear test, flexural test and hardness test.

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Triaxial testing machine

Used to measure the mechanical characteristics of granular materials, especially soil (eg sand, clay) and rocks, and to derive the main mechanical characteristics of the sample, including the internal friction angle, the apparent cohesion and the dilatancy angle. These characteristics are necessary for design calculations or the disorder analysis in geotechnical structures and the determination of the safety coefficient when sliding an embankment.

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Laboratory oven

Allows determination of the air content of compacted fresh concrete. The main purpose of the concrete aerometer is to increase the durability of hardened concrete.

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Compression testing machine

Allows the classification of concrete samples made according to the specifications of characteristic strength and compression of concrete samples. These characteristic specifications and compressive strength are determined with test results performed by the concrete compression machine.

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Permeability test apparatus

Allows leak testing.

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Cylindrical, cubic and prismatic molds

Allows concrete molding for tensile, compression and shear tests.

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Allows non-destructive testing of concrete uniformity and evaluation of its compressive strength. The sclerometer hits the concrete with a defined force, the body bouncing according to the concrete hardness. The rebound, referred to as "R", is measured using a sensor, showing it and processing it on the indicator unit.

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Ultrasonic test

Measures the crack depth by applying the acoustic diffraction principle.

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Sonic auscultation apparatus

Used to measure the time taken by a wave, hence the name of the method (Velocity test of sound propagation) to cover a known distance. The state of the totally unknown concrete can be determined approximately according to the measured speed.

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Infrared Thermal Camera

Used to apply the principle of Infrared Thermography in which each body whose temperature is greater than absolute zero emits electromagnetic radiation. Each body thus emits its own radiation, which depends directly on its temperature and its nature (concept of materials emissivity).

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Indoor environmental quality sensors

Measures indoor environmental quality parameters, including air temperature, noise, humidity, air velocity, CO2, particulates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and surface moisture.

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Climate chamber

Allows environmental testing based on two main variables: Temperature and humidity, the variations of which have a fundamental influence on the physicochemical and mechanical characteristics of a material in order to study the technical characteristics of a sample, or more generally to test the effects of certain conditions on a chemical substance, an industrial product, an assembly or an electronic component.

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Window Energy profiler 

Used to test glass surfaces already installed. It detects the infiltration of UV (ultraviolet), visible light and infrared rays for a given window. The tool also calculates the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) for transparent windows or with low emissivity treatments.

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Allows to quickly and accurately produce series of information on the composition of insulated glass. Whether simple, laminated or insulated glass mounted or to be mounted in seconds, the laser technology provides information on glass thickness, glass chamber configuration, surface treatment, PVB films and their location. All in one measurement with a tolerance of 0.1 mm.

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Thermal characterization devices:
Differential calorimeter

Allows the determination of the specific heat and energy absorbed by the sample.

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Thermal characterization devices: Guarded hot plate

Allows the determination of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity.

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Network analyzer

Used to measure the parameters of an electrical circuit.

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Light Meter

Allows using a sensor to simply and quickly measure the illumination in the visual spectrum.

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Structural building simulation software

Allows sizing of reinforced concrete structure, steel, wood, earth ... etc

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Battery test bench

Allows testing of different battery technologies.

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Thermo-aeraulic simulation software

Allows the simulation of the building energy needs.

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Lighting simulation software

Allows a good dimensioning of the lighting by taking into account the natural lighting during the day as well as the integration of possible shading parameters.

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MEP simulation software

Allows electrical sizing and simulation related to the plumbing needs of a building.

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Building Information Modeling Software

Allows 3D architectural design.

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Renewable energy sizing software

Allows to size and determine the needs in terms of electrical energy as well as the integration of renewable energy into the building.

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Electric Power Systems Simulator and Advanced Trainer

Simulates the entire system of production, transmission, distribution and consumption.

OUTDOOR laboratories

Open-air laboratory at the service of universities and research institutes: it allows carrying out research work on building materials, insulation or equipment by testing them on 1/1 scale test houses. Tests on the different configurations of the electricity network are also envisaged. The laboratory is also at the service of industrialists in building sector to be able to carry out tests on their products before the commercialization phase.